1) Premise

Cookies are made of portions of code installed inside the browser and they assist the Controller in providing the base service for the described purposes. The website www.zeta-tech.it uses only the following kinds of cookies.

2) Technical Cookies

Z Tech S.R.L. informs you that the website www.zeta-tech.it uses the so-called “technical cookies”.

In particular, it uses cookies of:

a) session, to guarantee the normal navigation and the fruition of the website. The use of this kind of cookies (which are not persistently memorised in the user’s computer and fade away when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transmission of identifiers of session (made of casual numbers generated by the system) which are necessary to guarantee the safe and efficient navigation in the website. In addition, cookies of session, used in this website, avoid the use of other informatics techniques potentially detrimental for the users’ confidentiality of the navigation and they don’t allow the acquisition of the personal data that can identify the user.
b) functionality, which allow the user to navigate depending on a serie of criterions selected to the purpose of improving the service for the user himself.

The technical cookies of session and functionality are necessary for the proper functioning of the website.

In any case, the aforementioned cookies don’t process, in any way, data that might identify, directly or indirectly, the subjects who visit the website www.zeta-tech.it.